Friday, February 21, 2014

It's come to this

"...The biological equivalent of being a loser..."

"...“You don’t hear people talking about feeling lonely,” Cacioppo says. “That’s because loneliness is stigmatized—it’s the biological equivalent of being a loser in life or a weak person.”

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Barbara Crowston

This picture was taken in the 70's in Bothell, Washington.  Haven't seen Barbara since 1979.  Maybe now she has gray hair, maybe she's put on a few pounds.  I have.  Maybe we wouldn't even recognize each other, but I'll know her voice.

Sure would like to see you again Barbara, while we're still both breathing.  I miss your face.

This is why I sign petitions - they very often work - it's such a delicious feeling when they do!

Thanks to your signature, Total Health Care will continue to cover my mom’s cancer treatment.

Cheryl -- 
I started a petition on last month because my mom’s health insurance company was not authorizing coverage for chemotherapy treatment at the hospital she had been going to for months.
After more than 187,000 of you signed my petition, I have good news -- we were finally able to get Total Health Care and the University of Michigan hospital to work with us to commit to covering my mom’s health care needs!

It's been a very emotional few weeks, but it's amazing to feel this love. My mom and I were just sitting there reading through your comments on the petition watching the signatures go up. We know we can count on you if the insurance company or hospital go back on their promise to us.
Thank you everyone. I could kiss you all.

John ObergClinton Township, MI

I have signed hundreds of petitions for people, animals, the environment, net neutrality, and human rights, etc.  I will continue to do so because I know that public opinion holds enormous sway over the minds of those in power. It always has and it always will.