Sunday, October 19, 2008

Made in America - Boston Pencil Sharpener

Here it is, my trusty Boston pencil sharpener. I have had this sharpener for several years and it is still working as well as it did the first day I got it.

More and more I find myself using pencils instead of pens. They are inexpensive, easy to erase, and I like the way they feel in my hand.

There is another benefit I hadn't given thought to until just now. The aroma of pencil shavings brings me back ever briefly to my school days - a time I loved.

(Gardeners learn to enjoy the simple things and to appreciate the fleeting moments perhaps more than those who do not dig and hoe, water and weed, fertilize and tend to - all for that glorious moment when a tiny seed punches its way through the crust of earth, reaching for the sun)

"Made in USA"

We need to get our country back to where this is the most familiar sign on the bottom of, well, everything!

That is the road to prosperity and pride for ourselves and our families, and while there can be no guarantees for anyone, American factories producing American goods can go a long way toward making this country whole again.

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