Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It is 17 Degrees in my Back Yard Tonight

There are about six cats trying to survive in the scant protection I am able to provide. They have learned to be afraid of humans and so they will not come indoors and they run when I go out to give them food or sweep the snow away. This particular cat is injured, but I cannot help her.

This is a kitty who has been abandoned to the elements. She is trying to get water from a small frozen pond in my back yard. The cats seem to drink an inordinate amount of water when the weather is this bone-chilling cold. Likely because there is no other way to get moisture into their bodies. No mice or other prey for them to catch. I've tried giving them canned food but it instantly freezes.

There is a small pump in the pond that mostly does a good job of keeping a little space free of ice, but when it gets this cold I need to pour water on it to thaw some for the cats. It's the best I can do for them, but I do not know how they survive outdoors in this.

How can people put out their cats and dogs and then go to bed under warm covers and sleep like they deserve to be warm and cozy? 

People who do not treat the weakest among us with any compassion will treat humans the very same way.

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