Friday, January 6, 2017

Yes, I am angry.

So sorry it occasionally leaks out and gets in your pure face. Have been waiting and waiting to get my car in today so maybe they could fix its problems, but it wouldn't start.

Yes, I'm angry because stuff has been piling up and piling up on me and I'm buried. Health issues that are despicable, they cause me no pain, just interfere mightily with life.

No money, but that one is a given unless you're one of the favored billionaires getting tax cuts, subsidies, special this and special that for the simple reason you have perfected the art of buying congressmen who will screw veterans, low-income Americans, retirees, the handicapped, children, the homeless, and anyone else congress is supposed to be working for, but isn't.

COLA - no cost of living adjustment now for three years. Oh, I know they bragged about the mammoth .03% COLA for this year. They forgot to mention the part they take out for Medicare went up also. Completely wiped out that extra $5 that was supposed to keep up with inflation - what a joke. Sort of sounds planned doesn't it? Course congressmen and their wives don't do their own shopping, maybe don't know that bread has gone from $1.29 to close to $5 a loaf. Apply that to every other staple and it starts to look like basing the COLA on the cost of gasoline (which retirees tend to use WAY less of than the general population) is exactly what it looks like, calculated cruelty.

Having reached the age of 71 or 72, can't remember which, I am pretty close to giving up the fight. Tired deep in my bones, difficulty managing the clinical depression I've kept at bay for decades, no advocates.

Hey, and I read today that people who get visited by their children regularly live longer. Oh my, I'm whining.

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