Friday, May 5, 2017

I need a dog

Male/female I don't care, but must be fixed. Will not bring more puppies into a world already overflowing with unwanted dogs.

She must at least be eight years old; younger and there is a danger I may die before she does and her being whisked into a shelter will put her at considerable risk as few people will adopt an older dog.

I do not care if he is "pedigreed" or black or a bully dog. He must be respectful with the three bosses already here who happen to be cats. Fairly laid-back cats.
The black cat - callie, the orange cat - gulliver, the big striped cat - slim. Barn cats in their former lives, they are never allowed outside and seem perfectly happy about it.

Millie died two nights ago, a couple weeks before her Lucy died.  They were both old, very old, but still they are gone and I miss them so much. Especially after I go to bed at night - no one there now to curl up by my legs or with her snout resting on my shoulder.

So I need a new old dog - one who hopefully will enjoy a walk every morning and for the rest of the day be content to couch surf. One who will never be left alone for long or crated, but who will get lots of hugs and ear rubs and feel safe forever.

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