Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crunchy out today

The sidewalk was covered with broken glass - doesn't really show up well in the photo but the thing that went through my mind when I saw it was the pictures I have seen of shattered storefront windows glittering on sidewalks. 

Overhead, boughs of trees bent low with ice from the freezing rain and what covers the sidewalk are the thousands of pieces of ice that have shattered and fallen from the trees.  I thought it might be as difficult to walk on as the sheet ice that has covered the streets for weeks.  It wasn't though. It was very easy to walk on, not slippery at all, more like little cleats on the sidewalk.

And the sound it made - wonderful!  Big crunches and crackles, much more satisfying in that way than scuffling through fallen leaves.

So Lucy and I took our little journey down the walk, she did her job, we cleaned up, and walked back home, crunching and crackling all the way.

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