Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last year's backyard Basil

The backyard is frozen and looks pretty much like this only more snow, more ice, more cold. That's my old dog Lucy back there. She doesn't stay out long.

This is last year's back yard Basil before it got REALLY big, only about 4 feet in this shot. There was another gorgeous big Basil in the front yard. Lovely smelling the Basil, takes one right into the best Italian kitchen you can remember.

This is my way I guess of easing myself into believing spring is just around the corner. Soon things from last year will be poking through and I'll be able to get a shovel into the soil, to turn it over and run my fingers through it.

Fifty-nine years gardening.

In my mind's eye I see that first garden, me ten years old, my Gram with a handful of Nasturtium seeds.  Seems so incredible I can still feel the warmth of that sunny day, see the wide flower box by the sidewalk, and the apron my Gram was wearing. "Dig a little hole and drop two seeds in it, then water it and wait."

My Gram knew there was hardly any way at all to keep a Nasturtium from growing, she knew how to hook me. She knew what I would feel once those great heaps of orange flowers began filling the flower box, spilling over the side, reaching for the sidewalk. 

Right now through  infinite space and time, the thread that connects us vibrates.

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